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All Natural Products

Back to Earth Products Soaps.Handmade Soaps, Creams, Salves, Lip Balms, Bath Salts, Salt and Sugar Scrubs, and Home Grown Luffa Sponges, naturally.

Back To Earth Products (BTE) are made from all natural ingredients to clean and nourish your skin. They are ideal for people with skin ailments, or sensitive skin, as well as daily use.

With the use of herbs and essential oils, BTE products are designed to soothe troubled skin ( eczema, psoriasis, oily, dry, itchy), or to simply enjoy! Some of the herbs and essential oils also contain natural anti-bacterial properties, abrasives, and skin emollients.

My recipes are a collage from good recipes, what people want, and what people need.

BTE soap is a Pure Castile base (made from olive oil-no animal fats or other filler oils with the exception of the addition of almond oil in the French mill stage to such labeled soaps) that is hand-made in small batches to preserve quality. I then “french-mill” (or hand-mill) the soap, then add the herbs/essential oils. “Milled-soaps” are known to last longer than most commercial soaps with the proper care of storing on a strainer type soap dish.

Back to Earth Products Booth. Other than bathing, BTE liquid soaps can be used for washing and conditioning hair. Because of it’s oil base, I also use it to clean wood and leather.  It can be used to pre-treat stains, hand-wash delicates, and do laundry.

I chose to make my products from all natural ingredients not only for the special need or product or choice for people, but for how we leave the earth,  for the future generations, for everything goes Back To the Earth. 

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